common term for fish and chips, probably because they usually are! (greasy that is)

Kiwi (New Zealand slang). 2013.

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  • greasies — I Australian Slang pl n fish and chips II Kiwi (New Zealand Slang) common term for fish and chips, probably because they usually are! (greasy that is) …   English dialects glossary

  • greasies — /ˈgriziz/ (say greezeez) plural noun Colloquial any greasy food, especially food cooked in oil, as fish and chips …   Australian English dictionary

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  • greasy — /ˈgrizi / (say greezee), / si/ (say see) adjective (greasier, greasiest) 1. smeared or soiled with grease. 2. composed of or containing grease; oily: greasy food. 3. grease like in appearance or to the touch; slippery. 4. (of wool) not scoured to …   Australian English dictionary

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